FedEx usually takes five to seven business days to resolve a claim. Your brand reputation takes a huge hit, customer churn rate hits the roof, and staying ahead of competitors becomes next to impossible when there are multiple delivery exceptions. This requires the tracking number, proof of the value of the item, and proof of insurance. 0 0. When you ship through FedEx or UPS, most packages make it to their destinations intact and on time. Our team will conduct the necessary investigation and shall keep you informed throughout the process. Ask FedEx. It's looking more and more like FedEx "lost" the package I was trying to send. I understand package volumes are high etc. Just keep your calm, work through the proper channels, and help yourself out of the crisis. claim. Then, click on “Continue”. You can conduct your own package inspections for FedEx Express or FedEx Ground shipments in the U.S. with a declared value greater than $100 and less than $1,000. How do you determine if a package is lost? Fedex Lost Package, What can I do? Fedex loses packages out of truck, auto. Proof of loss should include original commercial invoice, packing list and signed delivery receipt noting exceptions. 2 were lost by the recipient (they blamed FedEx, but it was obviously a mail-room issue). See the FedEx Service Guide for full terms and conditions regarding declared value and our shipping services in general. The high value packages are coming in sets of 3 - and the 2 lightweight cheaper ones get delivered, but somehow the more expensive, heavier one piece gets lost - maybe 3/50 packages this has happened to, which is a pretty damn high occurence rate. So, it is better to keep track of your claim and be regularly updated about the progress. Most of the packages shipped through FedEx make it to their destinations. DEM is particularly helpful if you are a bulk shipper who uses multiple carriers and would prefer an efficient automated workflow. You can file a claim by filling the claim form and submit it to Happened on the day a Fedex Ground driver stopped by my house to deliver a package. So you can rest assured that with a reputed shipper like FedEx or UPS, you will have a full refund along with the penalty. If you like my content, please subscribe for weekly videos!! Losing a package sucks! How to Add Delivery Instructions to USPS? I purchased a movie poster from a somewhat large business located in Canada. You, as a customer, cannot claim a refund from FedEx. If the shipping carrier is unable to locate the package, you will be directed to file an insurance claim to cover the insured value of your package. My mom ordered my new Droid Thunderbolt as well as my dad's they day the thunderbolt came out. FedEx lost packages. Just in case, the location where my packages are "losing the labels" is: fedex MEMPHIS, TN. The packaging companies like United States Postal Service, FedEx, UPS, and DHL provide a tracking number to their consumers, which they can use to track their packages and receive the updated notifications about their package. In most cases though, the issue is either a wrong address or a weather-related one. Does Amazon have its own Delivery Trucks? In such a case, contact FedEx immediately. This is because the customer considers the business they ordered from to be responsible for everything that happens until the order reaches them. For days, no one at FedEx helped me until I filed the claim on 08-09. FedEx Corp. is following United Parcel Service Inc. with plans to raise delivery prices for residential and large packages, as the coronavirus lockdown spurs people to order more online. helps you stay ahead of lost or damaged packages with ease. FedEx "Lost" Package. So recently sold and shipped an item worth $700 through fedex. I ordered a product from and they were shipping it to me from Texas. lionlaw Member. Even if you have handed over the package to the shipping carrier, you hold the responsibility for it reaching the customer’s doorstep on time. If your FedEx shipment went missing Filing a claim with FedEx is designed to be very streamlined and easy for the owner of a missing shipment. Additional information includes a Superhero Savant and Comic Book Cognoscente, who has found a new passion in writing. It had tire marks on it. When a certain package takes a detour, sends out an alert to the sender and the receiver. level 1 Fedex "Losing" Ammunition Packages. 6 comments. Losing packages creates anxiety for customers, and they turn to the respective eCommerce merchant for help, and the real challenge starts from there. FedEx directly employs more than 200,000 people in the U.S. and delivers more packages than any other private U.S. company except UPS. Meanwhile, make sure you send the customer a replacement or a refund with a sincere apology. Both were supposed to arrive the next day and only one made it.